Technical Diving

OCR – SCR – CCR Support Norm/Hypoxic Trimix Diving

Welcome to NAUTEC Team

mircotechWe are pleased to introduce you to the IAC -Tec – Educational Programme as well as
various offers for accompanied Technical Diving.

Being a CMAS/IAC IT and TEC-IT Center, we regularly offer technical courses up to
TRIMIX 100 Instructor Level, as well as Cross-overs.

Our Tech-Calender can either be accessed from our website ” Special Offers & Calendar” or Facebook.

Have Fun
Yours Thomas & Heike



Equipment CHECKLIST for all courses and activities:

  1. Main Regulator (primary) on a Long Hose (150 – 210 cm);
  2. Backup – Regulator on a Short Hose with Neckband;
  3. Backplate with Wing (Attention: for the TECH Fundamental Course, a regular wing-jacket is sufficient).

Starting as from Tech Advanced, one requires additionally:

  1. Redundant Bouyancy Control (Drysuit and Wing or Wing with Double Bladder);
  2. Wetnotes;
  3. Sufficient Temperature Control, in general incl. the Dry suit;
  4. Main Torch and Backup-Torch;
  5. Computer or Bottom Timer, for Tech Advanced with redundant features (TC+BT+2TC+2BT);
  6. Spare mask;
  7. Buoy with valve;
  8. Spool or Reel;
  9. Compass;
  10. Stage (-s) with Rigging Kit;
  11. Pressure Gauge and Regulator.

Dives and Packages for Technical Diving

1 accompanied dive Euro 48.90,-
6 accompanied dives Euro 270,-
10 accompanied dives Euro 419,-

These prices include: Twin set ( NO Gas ), Transport to dive sites – all dives being accompanied


Twin – 12 ltr Euro 24,- per dive
7 ltr Stage tank Euro 7,- per dive
O2 clean Reg. Euro 7.50,- per dive
3 ltr Tanks Euro 6,- per tank, per day
Wing Euro 7,- per day
BackPlate Euro 7,- per day
BONEX ECOS Euro 40,- pro dive, 70,- per day



Helium Grade 4.6 Euro 6 cents per litre
O2 Euro 3 cents per litre
Sofnolime Euro 7,- per kilo