TDI Course Program

Immerse yourself in a world of adventure and learning that goes far beyond the basics of general diving. Our diving school offers an extensive range of courses that are accessible to all divers. Whether Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox or Decompression Procedure – expand your skills with our specialized courses and rediscover the fascinating underwater world. Our experienced diving instructors will accompany you every step of the way and ensure that you are well prepared and can safely explore new depths.

Prerequisite for all TEC courses are a main regulator with a long hose (“Long Hose”, 210 cm), a backup regulator with a short hose (“Short Hose”, incl. neck strap) and a backplate wing system. Backmount divers are always equipped with a double tank (two 12 litre). Depending on the course, additional equipment may be required. You will find more information on this directly in the course information. Of course, additional equipment can be rented from us.

car rental

No matter whether you want a rental car for a day trip or an extended period, we are happy to assist you in arranging it. (The contract and payment are always made directly with the car rental company.)

Here are the corresponding prices for different car categories.

Please note that for comprehensive insurance with no deductible, an additional payment of 6 EUR per day (for rentals of 4 days or more) is required (CDW excess waiver). This is strongly recommended, as otherwise, there is still a deductible of 950 – 1500 EUR in case of damage.


Please fill out the following form so that we can make an inquiry with the car rental on your behalf. We will promptly forward it and send you a confirmation accordingly.

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